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John Farrell is a former Engineer and Public Transport District Manager. He is currently 70 years old (Born November 1949) and has, after previously spending time learning other Chinese martial arts, spent over 48 years studying Chu Gar Hung Kuen with Grandmaster Chu Shiu Woon. John is the senior disciple ( Dai To-dai) of Grandmaster Chu and still teaches at his Sifu’s “kwoon” (martial art gymnasium) in Central Manchester. He also runs a weekly class for his own students and teaches private lessons by appointment only.He has a small “family” of people who make up the core of his students who have also become his friends. Besides kung fu, John also teaches lion dance and regularly dances the lion head and Dragon head at festivities such as Chinese New Year. Like his Sifu. his vigour belies his age and he attributes this to the practice of Hei Gung and strenuous Kung Fu exercise.

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Dan is a graphic designer and college lecturer. He is 40 years old (born April 1979).
He has been a student of John Farrell since 2002 and is a very adept junior instructor at the Chu Gar Hung Kuen Branch School and takes over the class instruction when John is away in Turkey.
He is currently also studying the southern lion dance, lion dance drumming and the various musical instruments used, at Master Chu’s Gym in central Manchester.
He is also a regular performer of the Dragon Dance in Manchester City Centre at Chinese New Year

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