Training clothes and shoes

nam siu lam - T-shirt


Within our club we wear traditional Chinese Kung Fu clothes. For normal training sessions we wear baggy Kung Fu Pants with elasticated bottoms and we wear a tee shirt or vest with the club logo on the front displaying the Master’s name. We also wear a wide sash to keep our organs in place when training. Whilst  in the gym or Kwoon we either wear different types of Chinese footwear e.g. Kung fu slippers or boots. When training outside we often change to trainers or specific types martial art training shoes as they are more hard wearing.

Below are excellent examples of products at reasonable prices and in my opinion value for money. It must be said that you DON’T need special clothes to practise martial arts but wearing the same or similar clothes as others in the gym tends to create a little harmony in the training hall and looks much nicer when the club is doing a demonstration!

Below are examples of training products. Click on the picture IF you would like more info about each product.


Black Kung Fu Wushu Shoes Feiyue/Top One (43)

Feiyue brand Kung Fu training shoes as worn by the Shaolin monks

Fyx Unisex Martial Art Chinese Traditional Kung Fu/Tai-Chi Old Beijing Cloth Shoes Black Slippers Leisure Wear 36-45

Fyx Chinese martial art training shoes

The choice of shoes is of course down to personal preference and to the intensity of training undertaken. The shoes above are excellent examples of those worn at our Gym (Kwoon)



Blitz Kung Fu Pants - Black, 5/180 cm

Good value Kung fu pants by Blitz for everyday training and demonstrations etc

ACVIP Men's Dragon Printed Chinese Kung Fu Jacket Shirt

ACVIP Dragon print Kung Fu Jacket ( for special occasions)

M.A.R International Kung Fu Uniform Gi Suit Outfit Clothing Costume Gear Martial Arts Wu Shu Wing Chun Tai Chi Cotton Fabric Black

MAR International Kung Fu Suit…..Great Value and hard wearing


Martial Arts Satin Kung Fu Sash - Red

Satin training Sashes

Shogun kung fu sashes

Cotton training sashes